Fairtrade Jersey
Encouraging the growth of Fairtrade by increasing the knowledge and use of Fairtrade products in Jersey
Fairtrade Jersey
Encouraging the growth of Fairtrade by increasing the knowledge and use of Fairtrade products in Jersey


  • Oxfam in UK starts to sell goods made in disadvantaged communities in Eastern Europe.


  • Boycott of South African goods in Britain as a protest against apartheid shows how consumer power can mobilise support for justice and social change.


  • UNCTAD (UN Commission on Trade and Development ) created with the slogan of 'trade not aid'.
  • Oxfam creates the first fairtrade organisation and shop.


  • Fair Trade Original is the first Fairtrade importer in the Netherlands.


  • Traidcraft set up in Britain to demonstrate Christian principles of love and justice in international trade. Sells via churches, stalls and mail order.
  • Sandinistas in power in Nicaragua, overthrowing Somoza dictatorship. Newly established coffee co-operatives get supported round the world by purchase of  'Solidarity coffee'.


  • Mexican coffee farmers co-operative (UCIRI) start discussions with Dutch NGO about selling coffee as Fairtrade.


  • International Coffee Agreement collapses. Prices plunge.
  • Max Havelaar Foundation is founded in the Netherlands to label products as FairTrade.
  • The world's first Fairtrade-labelled product, coffee, is presented to Dutch Prince Claus and Fairtrade quickly starts to takeoff.


  • Cafedirect, the first major Fairtrade coffee brand launched in UK.


  • Fairtrade labels born in France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg.
  • Fairtrade Foundation set up in the UK to take Fairtrade labelling to the high street.


  • Fairtrade Mark launched on Maya Gold chocolate, then Clipper tea and Cafedirect coffee.


  • House of Commons switches to Fairtrade coffee for all its refreshment outlets.
  • TransFair launched in Canada, first Fairtrade in North America.
  • Fairtrade Labelling Organisations(FLO) International is founded to co-ordinate standard-setting, certification and producer-links work internationally.


  • TransFair USA is launched: the world's largest coffee market discovers Fairtrade.
  • First Fairtrade bananas (from Ghana and Ecuador) hit shops in the Netherlands.


  • First Fairtrade label in a producer country, Commercio Justo Mexico.
  • Annual Fairtrade sales in UK now £22 million.


  • First Fairtrade bananas in UK at 1000 Co-op stores and Sainsbury.
  • TransFair signs a national agreement with Starbucks.


  • Garstang in Lancashire proclaims itself the world's first Fairtrade town.
  • First Fairtrade roses from East Africa go on sale in Switzerland.
  • World coffee, banana and cocoa prices drop to historically low levels.


  • Co-op switch all their own brand chocolate to Fairtrade in the UK.
  • Pret a Manger offers 100% Fairtrade coffee in all its branches.
  • Different national Fairtrade symbols replaced  by one common Mark.
  • First Fairtrade rice launched in France and Switzerland.


  • FLO wins King Badouin International Prize for Development.
  • FLO-Cert set up to guarantee independent services to producers and importers.
  • First plantations and farmer groups certified in South Africa.


  • Tenth birthday of Fairtrade Foundation with annual sales of £141 million.
  • International Fairtrade retail sales pass $1 billion annually.
  • Tesco unveils an own brand range of FT projects.


  • Cotton farmers join the Fairtrade system for the first time.
  • 658 McDonalds in NE United States start selling Newman's Organic FT coffee.
  • Australia and New Zealand join FLO, bringing member countries to 21.


  • European Parliament adopts a resolution recognising benefits of Fairtrade.
  • UK Fairtrade sales are £290 million.
  • M&S converts 100% of its retail coffee and tea to Fairtrade.
  • World-wide Fairtrade sales top $2 billion.


  • Number of companies selling Fairtrade products world-wide passes 2000.
  • 569 producer organisations, representing 7 million farmers, workers and their families in 57 countries.
  • In October, Sainsbury announces it is converting all its own brand tea and coffee to Fairtrade so 1 in 10  of tea sales will be Fairtrade in UK.
  • Sainsbury and Waitrose convert 100% of its banana sales to Fairtrade.
  • Sales of Fairtrade fresh fruit are rising fast, led by Asda.
  • City of London and Sunderland become the joint 300th Fairtrade Towns in the UK, along with 4000 Fairtrade places of worship, 60 universities and growing number of schools.

From 'Fighting the banana wars and other Fairtrade Battles' by Harriet Lamb, Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation since 2001.